Leftovers from Christmas 

Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Wondering what to do with your Christmas leftovers this year? While you may be tempted to just throw them away, you’ll miss out on the chance to create more delicious dishes to enjoy long after Santa has been and gone! To give you some ideas, we’ve pulled together some great Christmas leftovers recipes to try with the help of our friends at Jus-Rol™, Green Giant™ and Häagen-Dazs™.

Christmas Leftovers Tips

● Storage is everything when it comes to leftovers. The key is not to leave food out at room temperature for too long and refrigerate as soon as possible to lower the risk of any harmful bacteria developing – avoid the temptation to just cover the dishes with foil.

● Refrigerate in a vented container until the food has completely cooled, then seal in an airtight container. It also helps to store leftovers in the portions you intend to eat them again to spare any wastage and save time when you’re reheating.

● Choosing your method of reheating is also important. While it can be tempting to just pop everything in the microwave, taking your time to reheat your leftovers on the stove or in the oven can often be much more rewarding – all it takes is a little patience! As a good rule of thumb, anything that doesn’t need to be stirred while reheating (like soup) is better to be put in the oven.

● Repurpose, rather than reuse – trying new ways to enjoy the food you’ve already made is the best way to enjoy leftovers. Think of your leftovers as ingredients and incorporate them into delicious recipes like the ones we’ve shared above to keep things interesting!